URL Encoder generator - Encode URL or typed text for special characters and strings

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It's equivalent of the PHP function URLEncode. Every programmer need time to time to encode special chars (for example ampersant "&" or things as common as is space char) which he transferring via the GET method in the URL (for example in forms). So this is the function, the URL Encode generator for you, to help any programmer encode special chars and be extra extra safe ;)
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table design URL encoder generator - encode typed string. table design
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Type the string. (max. 255 chars)

urlencode("") = ""
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table design
Typical characters for encoding/URLencoding:
" "spaceEncoded as:"+" / "%20"
"&"ampersantEncoded as:"%26"
"?"question markEncoded as:"%3F"
"="equatingEncoded as:"%3D"
"/"slashEncoded as:"%2F"
":"colonEncoded as:"%3A"
";"semicolonEncoded as:"%3B"

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