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My exit: buy good stocks and NEVER SELL.

Posted in: Investment by Jaromír Adámek on May 24, 2009. Post tags: , ,

Now I’m 31 years old, and I need to do my "exit" in 45.

What about to buy the best stocks according to the low P/E, stable dividends, rising turnover , good technical long-term analysis.

No drugs (cigarettes, alcohol, I’m hating them, and this business will fall later or sooner, destroying of the body is bad business), no risky business with huge leverage (banks), no companies without property (developers), no business which going up and down easily (software).

What about to buy super stocks regularly, AND NEVER SELL. They will finance my exit!

I thought about it and start realized it. Warren Buffet had right.

Instant stock (dividend) rentier.

Posted in: Investment by Jaromír Adámek on May 06, 2009. Post tags: ,

What about invest each month half of my month income to the best czech dividend , plus some "wild horse" with excellent P/E, stocks ?

BAACEZ 845 CZK, 6% dividends 50 CZK (not stable dividends, but czech government, the majority investor, pushing dividends up in this crisis)

BAATELEC price 443 CZK, 11% dividends 50 CZK (very stable dividends)

BAAPEGAS superb P/E around 2 – 3

Will I be rich after a year :) ? sure not, but I will be happy, good motivated (that I not ate whole my income, or buy some garbage from it) and I will have a decent year income from the dividends at least, so stocks price fluctuating will be less interesting for me, if the dividends politics of companies will stay same… The dividends will buy at least some ham, milk and bread for me :) .


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