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Don’t be a perfectionist.

Posted in: Life by Jaromír Adámek on September 05, 2008. Post tags: , , , ,

In childhood i played a lot of strategic games (Dune 2, Settlers, StarCraft, … ) what i liked on this game was, that you may slow down game speed or pause it . So game slow down, but you controlling units at same speed!!!
This is the best for all perfectionist (as am I). You may waste your real life to make some almost perfect turn in game :( .

Now in my business, is so many (almost infinity) tasks to do, so many projects. I may do same mistake as in the computer games, slow down this business “game” and waste time on one task to make it almost perfect.

As the solution, I’m writing in this days, at the beginning of each day, the day goals . Three most important goals of each day , which helping me focus to “score”.
If I’m spending some extra time, it’s in the programming job especially when I’m programming some security defense (inputs in PHP programs, treatment of HTML forms…) and I’m NOT spending some extra time on the not important task as to make some perfect thumb or to retouch image which isn’t in the focus (usual image, not the one, which will be placed in the logo :) … ).

Be a perfectionist is bad. It may be good for some artist, but not, if this artist painting whole life only single one image and it’s still not finished and satisfied with It.

It’s important to finish all tasks in reasonable time. At least It’s profitable :) .


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