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How to lern easy any foreign language.

Posted in: Life by Jaromír Adámek on August 24, 2008. Post tags: , , , , , , , , , ,

How to learn easy any foreign language? My advice is easy. Use it :) !

Don’t be shy , talk and write in this language as much as is possible.

My best way, how to learn any language is watch films without dubbing with original sound track. Firstly use subtitle (not in your language, in the language of the original sound!) and when you will be advanced in this language switch subtitle off and only listen.

Find your favorite topic. About reading, read as much as is possible, but only the texts which you will like to read! Do you like cosmos, read WWW about cosmos (Internet is great source for any subject), and don’t read about green snails :) . This will give you nice motivation. If you will read some texts, which you will not like, for example your books from school, you will be demotivated easy. Do you like comics? Find comics in the language which you will like to teach…

Don’t forget to comment. Make comment under every article, which you will read on Internet. At the beginning yours sentences will be little stupid (someone will don’t understand you :) ), but this will very push up your skills. You will be self-confident in short time.

Theory is bullshit, make it easy. For example, in english language, every single school teaching 10+ tenses, but (in 99.9% of texts) you will need only 4:

  1. I cook (present tense).
  2. I cooked (past tense).
  3. I will cook (future tense).
  4. I’m cooking right now(future progressive tense).

Why the hell are the noobs buried under so many tenses :( ? The advanced and professional need them all, but not you, the noobs! Make it easy, throw your theory books from the window! Read only your favorite text and watch movies :) . It’s nice, isn’t it?

And what is most important. USE DICTIONARY!!! People using dictionary don’t looking cool :) , right? They looking as noobs :) . But, how you will recognize real professional? He still using dictionary on every, yes on every, word which they not recognize. Don’t look cool, be a student and use dictionary. The best is to install some inside your computer and then you may easy copy&paste every word from the text to dictionary, which will translate it very fast. Printed dictionaries (books :) ) is too slow for this purpose.


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