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My grandma’s leavened cake.

Posted in: Cooking by Jaromír Adámek on August 30, 2008. Post tags: , ,

Ingredients :

Procedure :

  1. Warm the milk with butter, sugar (sugar is power for the yeast), lemon’s peel and raisins . Check the temperature with finger, if you can’t hold your finger inside the milk, it’s too hot. If Is milk too hot it will destroy the yeast!
  2. To the good warm mix insert flour around the corners and yeast to the free center of it (yeast must be not placed on flour, it must swim in the mix of milk, butter and sugar).
  3. Wait to the moment when will yeast begin bubble :) . It will be only in a one or two minutes. Insert whole egg (without eggshell sure :) ) and blend again whole mix.
  4. Knead this dough, knead it good (at least 5 minutes, the more you will kneed, the dough will be more fluffy), it’s second important part (first is fresh yeast, without fresh yeast will dough not leaven).
  5. Cover the knead with dishcloth and take it time to rise (20-30 minutes).
  6. Go to the step 4. Repeat this kneading-waiting cycle 3 times!!!
  7. Oil and dust with flour whole form (or you will not take leavened cake out :) , he he :) LOL ).
  8. Put the dough inside the form and put it inside the tempered oven.
  9. After the 10-15 minutes when will be the top of dough look crispy cover it with some alobal (bestly the cover from the packed butter), if you will not cover it the top of cake will be burned. Stick into cake one long skewer .
  10. Put the skewer out from the dough, if on skewer will be no liquid dough the cake is baked :) . Isn’t this control over skewer nice and easy :) (It’s like oil level control wire in the car motor) ?


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