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Everything made in Czech Republic is fucked!

Posted in: Swamp by Jaromír Adámek on August 26, 2008. Post tags: , , ,

What the hell is this pessimistic czech nature ?

All this comments:

"It will not work."

"You will close your blog after month."

"The design worth piece of shit."

"Idea is completely out."

"Articles are short and without links."

No single one positive word!

Go to the hell morons!

Ask american about some biz. He will answer you "IT WILL WORK , but you must solve this, this and that problem."

Ask stupid czech morons, if something will work, and he will answer you: "IT WILL NOT WORK . Problem Is this, … Don’t waste your time and go to the pub drink some beers.".

Fuck you, Fuck you all morons :( ! I hate this czech nature, that EVERYTHING IS BAD, FUCKED and will not work .

Shit :( .

English or Czech language?

Posted in: Swamp by Jaromír Adámek on August 25, 2008. Post tags: , ,

What is better.

a) write this blog in english language , really bad english language, the professionals will laugh on my "nice" formulations, mistakes…, but you will understand me. 99% visitors of the my blog Isn’t from czech country and understand in 99% english language.

b) write blog at almost perfect czech language , so no pro will be smiling at the "kids"/"hun" english formulation, but no one will be understand it. Try read this: "Mám překrásný výhled do krajiny s poletujícími modrými obláčky a sousedem třískajícím kladivem do nějaké zasrané věci, kterou nevidím.". Do you understand? No? :) I know it…

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