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Redesign of is done :). YES!

Posted in: WWW building by Jaromír Adámek on August 25, 2008. Post tags: , , , ,

What are you telling, to this new design?

Best part is, that I implemented this blog system via WordPress :) . Woo hoo. One, two, three, do you hear me :) LOL.

The hardest part was redesign whole CSS of WordPress to fit my special needs. This is my first blog, first using of WordPress script and wirst big implementation of CSS!!! I’m the table design fan :) , i hated CSS, but now maybe… ;) I rewrited 1/3 of CSS parameters :) . It’ nice to randomly change attributes and via reverse-engineering look, what it doing (i hate documentation). Take out half of CSS garbage, which wasn’t useful and finally put inside some of the my good special JavaScript, PHP and HTML codes (copyright, contacts,…). Final work was take whole blog to my favorite colors:

I’m using this red/green/blue on the normal paper too (blue for examples, not links :) ).

The impossible mission was to program the changer of images in the head . I did it in 3 hours :) . I program special library to load all files from selected directory (include sub-directories :( uff, hard work) and easy part was randomly display one of this images. So if i will now need add some extra images to display in the header, only one thing, which is needed, is upload the images to my server :) , and it’s done, no PHP change is needed :) . My PHP script doing everything myself without me :) . Niiice at least one program work is finished in few hours and working good (usually i need few days to program some project).

So what i need now, only post new articles, and use this space as the my dictionary. No problem :) .


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