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I found a great new antivirus.

Posted in: Software by Jaromír Adámek on October 27, 2009. Post tags: ,

I found a great new antivirus.

My old Avast (antivirus) + Comodo (firewall) don’t work good. Some pages or files don’t loaded, from the Internet, fine and only the "Connection refused" error was showed. More it was completely randomly and after reload everything loaded nice. But I must solve it, because when you are webmaster and 1-5% parts (images, CCS) of pages not loading randomly, it making you crazy… And more you don’t know if it’s error on your page, on in the Internet connection, so it make a big mess.

I google where may be problem. Firstly I think, that it is in my ADSL line or in ADSL router, but ISP checked my line and it work good, and more on my other laptop (Kerio firewall and Avast antivirus) was everything fine, so I googled it and I find, that it may be problem of my antivirus or firewall, I disabled antivirus/firewall and locate problem in the Avast.

Now I must find the solution.

Firstly I uninstalled the Avast, restarted PC and installed ESET NOD antivirus, it’s the great one, with excellent detection of all viruses. Everything going nice, to the first restart, when my PC blocked after rebooting on the "welcome" message of NOD antivirus :) LOL. I may only watched the "NOD: We saving your local words" message forever :) haha. So no deal I must go to the Windows Safe mod and try uninstall it, but what a surprise, NOD showed me error message "bla bla, I may be NOT uninstalled in safe-mod". I was completely frustrated and pissed-out, what the hell, I can’t boot to normal mod, can’t uninstall in safe-mod, what to do now. But as the administrator, I focused my mind, and run Hi-Jack and put all start-ups from registers and disabled manually all NOD services and uninstall it after restart in normal mod, when NOD not start…

So what to do now, I WILL NEED NEW ANTIVIRUS. Grisoft AVG simply suck (only tons of problem with administration, detect almost nothing, repair almost nothing, and problem with update), my Avast have some bug, and superb NOD not working too. In the same thread, where someone exploring bug of firewall+antivirus combination (page not work) I read nice message to replace AVG antivirus "Now use some good antivirus, Avira, and you will be secured too…".

I Googled Avira Antivirus and I find such a great antivirus.

It’s free for personal usage (business cost 19.9€/year ).

According to the last AVC test Avira catch 99,4% (99,3% of the trojans, which are most important for webmaster…), extra good and not cheap ESET NOD 97,2% (97,1% of the trojans), loved Alwil Avast 98% (98% of the trojans), and always poor Grisoft AVG 94% of viruses (93,9% of the trojans)

Avira Antivirus look as great piece of software, I can’t believe that is something better, than ESET NOD, which is for me the top class :) .

Now I’m happy, I not only solved the problem with loading of pages, but more I found better antivirus. Security (backuping, encryption, …) is very important for me! Really nice :) .

Freeware antivirus, firewall and opensource text-editor.

Posted in: Software by Jaromír Adámek on February 13, 2009. Post tags: , , ,

Antivirus, firewall and text-editor is the "base" software, which you will install probably firstly on the clean Windows.

I’m preferring this ones for the non-business (home) usage:

Comodo firewall (freeware for personal usage) – Comode is excellent firewall. It’s better, than for example famous Zone Alarm (in free edition absolutely).

Avast – Home edition (freeware for personal usage) – Avast scores every time in the Virus bulleting test , very good antivirus which consume only small part of the memory (not as the Norton Antivirus). If you looking for the antivirus for your business Eset NOD will be better solution (Avast sometimes indicate virus in the clean files).

Open Office (open-source rock :) ) or czech edition on – OpenOffice Is excellent replacement for the "famous" :) Microsoft Office. Open Office is open-source you may use it for your business too!!! Whole my business accounting (include tax reports, many graphs, government reports…, stocks speculator diary :) ) is in this OpenOffice. Software is opened, it’s free and document standard is opened too (.ODT, .ODS ), so you may read it after 50 years without any problem…


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