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Dice Choosed the Best Stock.

Posted in: Investment by Jaromír Adámek on May 06, 2009. Post tags: ,

Today I will start invest again. I choosed to invest half of the my last month income.

But I like do it the fun :) way, to have good feel from it. I need to feel good, because if I feel good, I’m making more money in my business… And more money is good :) .

What I did?

I analyzed Czech Republic stock market and choosed stocks according to this criterions:

1) Company must be from the Czech Republic (pure SPAD stock, no UNIVIC)

Pure SPAD stocks:

ČEZ a.s.

Unipetrol a.s.

Telefonica O2 CR

Komerční Banka a.s.

Philip Morris ČR a.s.

+ one my "wild horse" PEGAS NONWOVENS SA

2) Put out company, which I don’t like as the human:

Philip Morris ČR a.s. – cigarettes :(

Komerční Banka a.s. – bank. I don’t trust any bank, every bank leverage is +- 50:1, this is crazy…

3) I putted out stocks from the market, which I don’t understand

Unipetrol a.s. – coal company. I don’t understand precisely price relationships between oil and coal. Oil price are determined each day on the commodity stock exchange mainly in USA. I don’t monitoring it, don’t understand it right now, so I will don’t invest to this company…

4) I did technical analysis (Moving Average) and fundamental analysis (P/E, annual turnover)

ČEZ a.s. – good P/E, good dividends, strong uptrend

Telefonica O2 CR – good P/E, excellent dividends, strong uptrend

PEGAS NONWOVENS SA – excellent P/E, very strong uptrend (probably small downtrend correction)

5) And what is the funny part? Dice choosed the right stock :) .

This Is random part, which will choose randomly (today and in my next regular investments) to which excellent stocks I will invest. Chance is fun. I may choosed, that I will invest to the first company first month, second second… but this isn’t fun and isn’t good, because I will do steps 1-4 each month again, and next month i may have 2 companies, and other month, I may have 5 companies… So I choosed, that random choice will be the best one…

I sorted stock according to the annual turnover.

1- ČEZ a.s.

2 – Telefonica O2 CR


4 – 6 I will repeat throw

How it end :) ?

Dice choosed 2. I will invest today after 75 minutes to O2 :) .


  1. I modified system, I will buy all my chosed stocks, but the most of which chosed the dice… So dice will choose, where will be invested, only few percents (or maximally 10) of the my capital (which I’m investing today). It’s still funny :) , I like it same, it’s same pleasure, but it will be more rational…

    Comment by Jaromír Adámek — 6. 5. 2009 @ 8.17

  2. And I will start to buy stock from the one, which chosed dice :)

    Comment by Jaromír Adámek — 6. 5. 2009 @ 8.17

Thanks for a comment :).


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