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How to get the best price on RMS or KOBOS czech stock market.

Posted in: Investment by Jaromír Adámek on May 06, 2009. Post tags: , , , , ,


In the Czech republic are three stock markets. The big one SPAD (minimal buy in M€, market makers), small KOBOS (called also BCPP, I will use name KOBOS) (tenth of SPAD, real auctions) and the little one RMS (hundredth of SPAD , real auctions too ).

The SPAD have Round-Trip commission around 0,2% , KOBOS 0,8% and RMS 1,2% (really huge commissions for KOBOS and RMS isn’t it :) , nothing for intra-day trading…).

Opening time:

SPAD 9:15 – 16:0

KOBOS 9:10 – 15:55

RMS   9:00 – 17:00

Price depending mainly on the biggest one SPAD market. I’m waiting for the opening of SPAD at 9:15, next +-15 minutes price fluctuating VERY HARD! and at the 9:30 I’m starting buying. But If you are really smart and you know, where will price go, you may trade in RMS or KOBOS before opening of SPAD or after it’s SPAD closed, but I’m not recommended it.

The FIO broker buy/sell screen look like (It’s real screen from the today):

SPAD RMS KOBOS stock price

Biggest market SPAD set price of the BAATELEC (O2, telecommunication) stock on the 442 CZK. I’m not investing in M€, I may buy only in the KOBOS (second column) or in the RMS (third column) market. RMS have the biggest commission, but he offering lower price 437,1 than the KOBOSs 441 this is +- 4 CZK difference, which is 1% of the price. RMS commission cost 0,4% more than the KOBOS, but with this nice 1% bonus, its 0,6% cheaper, than the KOBOS with price 441 CZK. Every this calculation I’m making only in my mind, because It’s no time to use calculator or made mistake, price fluctuating hard and fast… Done I’m buying in the RMS for the 437,1 CZK :) .

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