Dukascopy Bank SA

20% Dukascopy rebate provided by me. Swiss Forex broker commissions discount.

Open Live Forex account under my IA and claim a my huge 20% one month rebate on a Dukascopy already great and very low commissions as a my "gift" to you my clients.

I, the Jaromír Adámek (www.Adamek.biz), am the Dukascopy Introducing Agent, who giving back 20% rebate on the commissions for the first month to everyone who will register under me!

It doesn't matter if you are a small trader with few thousands or a big "beast" with millions on a account, you both will get your 20% rebate back from the commissions! Isn't it nice :) ?

To activate this rebate you must only fill my Dukascopy Introducing Agent ID "2221" in the last step #6 of a Live account registration process.

The rebate is gived back automatically by Dukascopy itself (no action is needed on my or your side) directly to your broker account. You must NOT ask for a rebate! Again, it's fully automatic...

Typical question: Ok, I wanna rebate, but will something other change? Where is a catch? Answer: There is NO catch, nothing others (superb support by Dukascopy, all functions) will be affected :).

Simply register under me and you will get your rebate. It's like to get a 20% of the commissions back, for a nada NOTHING :) at the beginning of the trading, what a nice deal!

How to claim 20% rebate

To register a live account with this my big rebate:

Contacts - do you need a extra help with a registration?

The contacts (email, ICQ, Skype, phone) are on the my www.Adamek.biz - Jaromír Adámek blog.

About Dukascopy Dukascopy Bank SA

Dukascopy is a famous and very stable swiss Forex broker (now a bank). The trully ideal way for each speculant on the Forex market. I'm using him myself for the speculations.

It's ton's (my aproximation is 95%) of the bucket shops the bad brokers, which will "play" against you :(. The Dukascopy is good honest bank a true ECN Forex broker, Dukascopy sending your orders directly to the market, they do NOT profit from the your losing positions!!! Dukascopy profits are strictly from the commissions. So they will care about you good, and their goal is to push you up, to help you grow your money, the bigger you will be in cash (and longer you will stay profitable in business), the bigger will be their profits from the commissions... Simply Dukascopy interests are same as yours!

Dukascopy is one of the best Forex brokers, without bullshits :) ! As I told, I'm using them too! Try them you will never regret. The support is great, they will care about you as your Forex "mother" :). For example my account representative Ketija called me each week in friday to help me open real account and now is whole time on Skype to answer all my questions, this is so superb support (and Ketije isn't alone ... ;))

More Dukascopy is now a bank! What do you need more for your money, than push them in the Switzerland bank :)?!


When you open and fund your Live account you may ask Ketia for a Demo accont, don't forget to create it after funding. Use this demo account to papertrade and "polish" :) your skills.

Good luck!