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Please be serious - donate me 10% of your real profits

For example If I tech you how to invest and made a 13% profit per year, donate me 1,3% of the total sum, which you invested.
Any ammount is not low. If you are a grandmother :), I will accept few CHF, but If you invested millions I'm waiting for the thousands... Be serious, be fair! Thanks.

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Czech Bank account [Kč/CZK]

Any value is ok, mBank NOT charging me any income fee :), so send me 0,01 Kč :) if you wanna :).
2200952718/6210 (mBank)

EU SEPA payment

IBAN: CZ6723100000001200008896

International Wire/Swift transfer

Account Name / Beneficiary: Jaromir Adamek
Account Number: 1200008896
IBAN: CZ6723100000001200008896
Bank Address: Na Rybníčku 1329/5, 120 00 Praha 2, Czech Republic
Country: Czech Republic

Contact me after a donation

When you donate me some money, please contact me (the contacts are on the main page It will make me happy :), if you will write me few words how I helped you, or how I screw it up :) LOL.