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Wing Tsun 1. beginner test passed :)

Posted in: Sport by Jaromír Adámek on December 20, 2009. Post tags:

I successfully passed Wing Tsun 1. beginner level exam in Brno (Czech Republic). I was tested by the misters from the Austria. It was nice exam and excellent tutorial.

I especially liked the defence against the sidewinder by the elbow, it’s very effective :) , but timing is critical! If you will do it soon the opponent will catch your elbow, and pain will begin :) , if too late you will receive direct punch to the head :) LOL. Really nice tutorial with almost 5 new techniques which I don’t knew and one which I knew. Haha BTW I wear the red t-shirt which is only for the masters, but they not killed me for this :) LOL.

Big thanks going to my Třinec’s Wing Tsun mister Michal Macura which trained me (this week it was 3 trainings plus exam). He is nice and very skilled man!

Wing Tsun level 1 beginner

T T Club Boys – Table Tennis Club 28. 5 2009 – Třinec

Posted in: Sport by Jaromír Adámek on June 04, 2009. Post tags: ,

My friends, with which I’m playing each week the table tennis. I’m NOT on the pictures :) , next time I will put to the someone my camera :) .

CLICK HERE for the whole gallery!

CLICK HERE for the whole gallery!


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