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Silver crash in 1980 – how to sell in bubble and save fortune.

Posted in: Speculation by Jaromír Adámek on June 16, 2011. Post tags:

How to eject before bubble make a “puff” :) ? This is very useful if you investing in stocks.

I analyzed the crash of the silver in 1980 and found two clear sell signals:

1) SELL1 – the price stagnated, did NOT go up the First High (it’s first sign that trend probably reversing) and finally go down under Lower Low which was clear SELL signal and confirmation, that we are in the downtrend

2) SELL2 – If someone are no skilled in this “Lower Highs” bullshits he may draw simply trendline (the long yellow line under last lows) and when price cross it simply sell. He will sell at not so good price as in the SELL1 signal, but it’s still better to do it here, then after some days when price go down by other tens of percents…

So enjoy it in the next bubble and save your retirements :) .

Silver crash 1980

Spreads and fees killed my speculation on the czech stock market

Posted in: Speculation by Jaromír Adámek on May 30, 2011. Post tags:

Before two years I speculated on the czech stock market with the BAATELEC (czech telecomunication operator) ticket.

After a several months I discovered, that the commissions (transaction fee of the broker) and spreads (difference between sell and buy price, which going offen to the broker too, if he is the market-maker) on the czech RMS and KOBOS market are so big, that the short-term speculations aka intraday trading are almost impossible.


For example spreads right now for the BAACEZ (It’s the most traded stock in the czech market) are:

KOBOS (aka BCPP) market:

RMS market:



When you count up commission and spread together you will get total fee of 0,7 – 1 % per trade!!! This is absolutely disgusting. Imagine common intraday trader, who making a four drades per day,  he will lose EACH DAY 2,8 – 4 % of his traded capital! After a one month is this traded on the zero!

So I decided, that my home stock market is absolutely no friendly for intraday trading start looking for the other market, and together start investing (based on the fundamental analysis) on same market (but this is a different story).

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