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Restart your life!

Posted in: Life by Jaromír Adámek on July 17, 2011. Post tags:

I’m reading many responses from the peoples, which are NOT satisfied with their lives. They only doing their job for the money :( !

If you do not like your job (it’s not funny, creative or whatever), start doing what you like in your free time, NOW! Again not in the main time, but in FREEEeee time. Do NOT quiet your job (or you will lose your main income), but in your free time do, what you will like to do. But I don’t mean by it, to go to the pub and spent your money, I mean to do something what you will like, and peoples will pay you for it!


The goal is to do ONLY WHAT YOU LIKE!!! Don’t care only about money, if you will do more than one activity, the money will “flow” to you. On one activity you will make more, on second less, on other almost nothing, the rules are:

Internet is a great tool, If you working in local factory and you can’t change your life on local market, change it via Internet. The 8 hours work isn’t about to go home after it, fall down to couch and drink beer :( . If this is your case, do less in your work which you do not enjoy. Again: Start doing less in your work, Imagine there are peoples with two or three jobs (yes three, they never sleep LOL :) , but it’s not funny…)!!! Against there are peoples who making THREE jobs, you are a looser with the only one, who have plenty of free time! Imagine about it every day for next two months. And make in your free time something what you will like and will make you money. If you can’t organize your time, buy good diary, set your goals, projects, target your life. Cheap diary (day, week, month plans, projects, goals, contacts) cost only 15 – 20 euros depending on the format, I’m using the small one A7 format fromt the ADK an Herlitz.

For example If you like to make photos, make them, but start to make them for the money. Goal is NOT to pay instantly by this new income for whole living (as everyone think), goal is to make 3 – 5 activities and in total this activities, which you all loving, will pay for your life.

BTW, I’m not some rich bastard, my family do not gave me some big money, I’m working as everyone!!! I’m only choosed to do what i love. And BTW I will bet, that you yes you make MORE money haha :) , than I! But the key is, that I love all my jobs and you not… It’s NOT only about the money!!!

And if you “must pay mortgages and debts” fuck them, this is not a excuse. If is, you are a lazy bitch. Everyone may save two hours in his day to start a new project which he will like NO exceptions! How you think, that I started? Not by going to the pub or drank myself to the oblivion on my couch and watching TV each day when I was tired from the hardwork! I know it’s hard to force yourself to do something, but it worth it. Also do not sacrifice your personal life completely to your family, you will be not happy, and this will turn naturally against your family. All this, you NOT making only for himself, you making it for your family too!!! You can’t be happy without job you will like, and if you are not happy, your family life will worth nothing.

:) enjoy your life :) you will like it! Do only what you like!!!

Why I’m writing my blog in CzechEnglish?

Posted in: Life by Jaromír Adámek on July 09, 2010. Post tags:

Several Czech peoples asked me, why I’m writing my blog in the my bad "CzechEnglish" :) .


1) main reason – to learn English . Every time I’m writing something in the English language, I must look to the dictionary. This pushing my English little forward…

2) minor reason – I don’t wanna focus only to the Czech market . On the world is not only 10M peoples.

3) money

I know that my English is bad. If you will write me this "news" to the my comment’s, I will be NOT surprised :) . Usually I’m called as the English hun, or English barbarian :) , for my poor English, but I like to write my blog in the English, so please respect me, and don’t complain only about the language…, I really don’t like it.

More on the world is 6 000 0000 000 peoples, do you really thing, that all people speak English fluently on an excellent level? Sure NOT!!! Goal and mission is to communicate, to understand each other, or at least to try it! Goal is not to speak perfectly or not speak! How you may learn something if you can’t use it.

More this is my personal blog, so c’mon :( , please respect my opinion to write my blog in the not good English language!

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