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How to “monetize” web pages?

Posted in: Business by Jaromír Adámek on July 09, 2011. Post tags:

How to “monetize” web pages?

Do you need money to pay hosting, domain and “beer” :) fees?

1) Use Google Adsense. This is the “classic one” advice, but it’s a really good one. Google will put to your page text advertise which will be based on content and you will be payed based on the clicks to this advertise.

2) If your page have Google’s Pagerank or good Alexa rank you may sell HardLinks.

Conclusion: If your blog or any web page worth something, bucks from this services will not only pay you hosting and domain fee, but you will take other “passive income” (defined by Kiyosaki) which simply rock!

WWW server free monitoring services

Posted in: Business by Jaromír Adámek on July 05, 2011. Post tags:

Does your “robotic slave” :) – your WWW server working? Does the “spice” ;) the traffic flow? Does you making the money when you sleeping?

If you running the Web based firm this are the key questions! If your server is down you losing money and it’s ridiculous, that you must not know it :( ! Server may crash every night when you sleeping, when you are on the vacation or only for few mins in random intervals (which may indicate the beginning problems of the overloading or bad configuration of the operation system/Apache/PHP, …)!

You may monitor if your web working fine via several services. I suggest you to do it!

I’m recommend you a Pingdom which I’m using myself.

How it look like? Very good! This is a uptime report from the one of the my servers which had the serious problems for four days (it was not my fault, one of the my content supplier, which was included in my page had serious problems).  Pingdom monitored this outages good, I tracked where the problem was, AND CORRECTED IT :) !!!

PingDom uptime monitoring of the server

Other free server monitoring service is UptimeRobot it’s not as cool and function rich, his interface is simply, but it working for free for up to 50 servers. So why not run in together with Pingdom as the “backup” monitoring solution… It will cost you nada :) .

Conclusion: Server monitoring via this services together together with monitoring of load and memory usage by top in Linux shell are the absolute basics how to run “WWW firm” and not piss off your customers.

You will track problems (outages, overloading, bad response time…) early, solve them myself and you will NOT receive some email from the your customer why your service not running… BTW many customers will send you nothing and you will see direct impact only in your income

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