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Type-in traffic is a king!

Posted in: Business by Jaromír Adámek on July 15, 2011. Post tags:

Why to NOT buy fancy domain names from the speculators without type-in traffic?

Before minute I had a big discussion with one domain speculator. He offered in one forum his +- 200 domains, the list look like as:

I told him, that this domains has ABSOLUTE NO VALUE!

The real value is only in domains with type-in traffic! If you have domain with the type-in traffic you getting HIGHLY TARGETTED traffic for FREE! Which may save your ass in the market. You are not forced to propagate the domain and peoples coming and coming in for free each day… For me it’s no value in some domain if there is NO type-in traffic!

Everyone may choice some spanish word and register it in the dot cz domain space the domain name will be probably free. So why to buy this domains without type-in traffic? It have no sense! You may buy them himself for 8 USD and “saved money” spent on the propagation (which is the must in any way, if you have a domain without type-in traffic…).

The real value are ONLY in the domains with type-in traffic! The peoples chosed it.

If you wanna buy something look for the bargain like:

But don’t buy domain from the speculators without type-in traffic only for a a fancy name! This domains without type-in traffic have NO inner value to the time when you will propagate them. And if YOU will must propagate them, YOU are the one, who someone must pay for the increasing in the domain name price (NOT benefit the speculators which sell names without inner value)…

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