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My new business card.

Posted in: Business by Jaromír Adámek on June 23, 2010. Post tags:

My old business card (from the 2003)
It was created by local graphic designer with my direct support (logo, the colored text "Jaromír smile Adámek . biz" is my own). Main mistakes: the key texts are too small and hard to read, they are on bad background (this is wrong, wrong and wrong, so this business card don’t fulfill its main purpose :( ). Second mistake is, that whole business card is too colored, it look like circus.
Old Jaromir Adamek business card

My goals for the new business card:

- BIG contacts texts, extremely easy to read

- simply layout

- something nice – I don’t like "classic" layout of white business card with big firm logo and tiny ugly contacts texts

My new business card (from the 2009)

new Jaromir Adamek business card

Why I put my picture on it? Because when someone giving me business card I must every-time note, from the who it is on the backside. With my photo this is no necessary, everyone will remember me. Sure this is "brutal attack", but peoples like it very much (especially girls :) ).

Cheap printing

My second goal (first was to create the new one business card) was to print this business card so many times and very cheap , so I will may give it to almost everyone with no worry about a card price.

Printing of the 300 – 1000 business cards cost +- 0.1€ / each, so I used some "sneaky way" :) . I used for the printing the normal photo-lab , which printing digital photos (usually from the vacation). Business card height is 5cm, the width 9cm, on the photo 10*18cm (photolabs usually don’t limit the width of the photos, it’s something around 10 * 15-18cm) I pasted four photos, and now I’m on the half price of the regular print, and I’m really amazed with print quality!


According to the many suggestions of the one of the my best friends Jarda, I made a new visit card.

He suggested:

new Jaromir Adamek business card

Big THX Jarda :)

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