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Focus on the product!

Posted in: Business by Jaromír Adámek on July 29, 2010. Post tags:

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One of the Czech boys, the Ondrej, was amazed, why I’m writing my blog in the my bad english language, when I may use the excellent czech language skills and write it completely in the czech language.

The subject is if do things only on the excellent level or not do it completely.



“Such presentation with such level of English seems to me like having business without own domain. I mean, if I want or not, today business is mainly about look, about the feelings potential customers might have. I dont think presenting what I cannot (speak good English) may generate any positive response.”


I’m respecting you too :) , sure I’m little angry, but again I’m respecting you too…

You, and almost all czech peoples, think, that you need a perfect english skills, or perfect website to make money. THIS IS BIG, VERY BIG MISTAKE! This working only in the Czech republic and in the czech market.

The USA and worldwide market is COMPLETELY DIFFERENT! This peoples look firstly to your product, to your prices, and if they are good you may have almost terrible website without any graphic AND YOU WILL MADE A LOT OF SALES!!!

The czech peoples think, that if you don’t have money to professional design, professional logo, professional translated documents, etc., that the company is bad :) . In the USA is normal, that the companies which making MILIONS OF DOLARS HAVE WEBSITE WHICH LOOK LIKE, THAT THE KIDS MADE THEM! And this companies HAVE A SUCCESS a BIG SUCCESS and none bother about their website or low presentation skills!

Every businessman know, that the goal is TO HAVE A GOOD PRODUCT FOR A EXCELLENT PRICE. Fuck the marketting, fuck the website, fuck your terrible english, if your product will be good it will sell itself! You don’t need a new expensive new car, PDA, mobile and office, THIS IS WASTING OF MONEY you need only THE GOOD PRODUCT! And this is truth, which know only the best ones, which MAKING MONEY!!!

The poor ones focusing not on his product, but on the such a NOT important things as is websites, language skills and they think, that they will sale, THEY WILL NOT SALE!

This is the difference between the Czech market and USA market.

Focus on product, to what you making money € $ € $ € ! ! Not to language skills, not to propagation, not to how you look, focus on the product, it will sell itself with zero advertise budged!

Ok :)


  1. Well:) you know enough theory…now, why dont you tell me about the great business you have? I guess if you are in a position from which you are giving your recommendations and advices, you surely have great running business. I do, do you?

    Unlike you, I think not only subject is important, the form is important as well. Life is not only about making money, my vision is to make noble money. That is big difference. And you are probably not very confident in what you are doing if my frank and friendly reaction made you angry.

    Comment by Ondrej — 2. 8. 2010 @ 21.58

  2. “you know enough theory…”

    I’m a self-employer from the 1999, this isn’t theory.

    I’m typing it because I made a lot of mistakes, when I focused mainly on the “form” the design, the perfect language, the perfect looking invoice or the price list, and I MANY TIMES MISSED THE POINT… THE PRODUCT

    I’m writing this, to help others, who starting biz right now.

    “Life is not only about making money”

    LOL, I’m whole time talking about BUSINESS, not about a life! Life and business are two completely different things :) . And business IS about how to make money.

    And about, what I’m doing, I’m fully self-employer with 3 main sources of the money, the advertise in a adult, stocks speculating and investing I’m loving to do technical and fundamental analysis :) (now I’m starting on the Forex market too) and the little one, but very funny is a income from the making a photos and writing a articles for the local, and others, newspapers. Plus I have several minor passive incomes, nothing important only small ones…, which paying my life expenses, but I must not at least work for pay my bill, which make my life more free and I like it :)

    And what do you do? You asking, but telling nothing, it’s not polite man, show me your gold-mine man :) !

    Sure I’m not the big one, but trust me, that If Im writing something, it’s NOT theory, it’s NOT bullshits, I’m writing about my owne mistakes, which I did… And I will be only happy, if other peoples will not repeat them.

    Comment by Jaromír Adámek — 3. 8. 2010 @ 10.12

Thanks for a comment :).


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