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DVD films are very cheap now. In my Czech Republic cheap original movies cost only 50 CZK (2 €)!. But the video quality isn’t good :( . Only foreigner movies Is on DVD9 and czech movies is usually only on DVD5 media. Video resolution is always same 720*576 pixels.  Audio streams are good. Especially DTS and pure WAV rocks (on concerts records :) ), but the screen quality is very poor in comparison to full-hd 1920*1080. It look ugly, pixeled and noisy on my 28" 1920*1200 PC monitor, and what about the larger one… Simply DVD is old format. I’m buying film on DVD only if i need the czech language audio stream (the film is so complicated, and i need understand the story (drama movies, …)).

Blu-Ray disc audio quality are absolutely same to DVD (maybe audio channels isn’t sometimes 5.1, but 7.1 and few other improvements are made), but price of the player, recorder and what is most important the media is so high! Films on Blu-Ray cost 800 CZK (35 €). DVD film cost in newsagent 17* less as i wrote. Resolution 1920×1080 rocks, but the price is so huge :( . I’m investing my money to stocks, no to the films :)

The winner of this DVD X Blue-Ray fight is MKV . Usually someone take the HD movie on Blu-Ray in good resolution 1920×1080, take out menu, all extras and non primary audio streams (local translations) and re-encode movie to .MKV container. The best part is, that the final .MKV file size perfectly fit to the old DVD5 media which are so cheap :) ! I’m buying one for 7 CZK, what is 0,3 €! So this film Is smaller than films on DVD9. The best part is, that the advanced movie codecs as is x264 allowing near HD resolution as is 1280*544 (and others). It isn’t full HD, but it’s very noticeably better than DVD and cheaper, than it :) . I’m loving cheaper and good things :) .

DVD, Blu-Ray and MKV resolution comparison:

Where to claim .MKV movies

In EU – Czech republic is perfectly legal to download text/audio/video (no software) for home using from all sources. You can’t only share it. So you may download .MKV in some DirectConnect client and share legal data.

If legislation of your country allowing you to share, you may download from torrents, the good one torrent search engine for films, audio,… is: .

In both cases, if you are looking for HD movie in .MKV, search for ".mkv" (file), "x264" (movie codec) or "720p"/"1080p" (resolution 720 lines or 1080 lines).

Conclusion is, .MKV rocks at least to the time, when will be Blu-Ray writable drives and medias so cheap (as is now DVD).


  1. This article contains several serious errors, please check MKV on to get accurate information.

    Also, 1280×544 IS HD resolution.

    Comment by Pavel Drotár — 25. 8. 2008 @ 16.26

  2. Pavel: 1280*544 (2,35:1) is cropped 1280*720 (16:9), yes it is HD 720 ( But for me is only one true HD the 1920*1080 resolution (or cropped 1920*xxxx).

    Every shop offering HD LCDs with resolution less than 1920×1080 (for 16:9) don’t doing good job. The quality isn’t so high as full HD.

    1920×1080 rocks the films are very sharp and with tons of details. You may read every text or recognize single hair.

    Comment by Jaromír Adámek — 25. 8. 2008 @ 20.41

  3. Well, then you have to decide whether you want to talk about the reality, or about your illusion of reality. HD – High-definition – is defined in 2 (3) steps: 720 progressive, 1080 interlaced and 1080 progressive. All of those are HD, and are many many times better than the standard TV mode (cca 635 interlaced).

    Your statement about those who sell HD capable LCDs not doing a good job is just your opinion; I’ve checked nearly a dozen electronics shops and electronics departments in generic malls, and I was pleased to see that at every HD display, they clearly informed the customers about the resolution the screen can render. HD capable LCDs had values such as “1370 x 768″ (or something like that), while full-HD had “1920×1080″ written near them. You have to understand that this segment of the market is, so far, aimed at the “educated”, meaning that people who go to buy such a screen will read something about it, and so will know what to look for. It’s like buying digital camcorders or cars – you won’t wander into a car shop and say “I want a car, preferably a blue one!”, right?

    When you’re planning to buy your car, you read articles, reviews, discussions about the cars that fall into your affordable range, and, after educating yourself, you go and buy one. Similarly, if you are planning to buy a “home theater”, you should read, talk, ask about it, and get more info. Only after you do that can you go and buy one. If you fail to do that, you will buy something that won’t fit your needs, or that will be way too powerful for you to utilize (such as buying a 2 meter plasma and then playing normal DVDs on it).

    As for the quality of the movies, I think that the quality of the display device is more important than the resolution of the movie. Transformers in 720p on my notebook’s high-end display looks much better than 1080p version on a wall-mounted LCD, simply because on my notebook, a pixel is 0.3 mm, while on the LCD, it is over 1 mm…

    Comment by Pavel Drotár — 25. 8. 2008 @ 21.35

  4. The information, that the 720p is HD too was new for me. Thank you for it.

    My opinion was, that HD Is only 1080i/p, and other ones smaller resolutions (as is 720p) was only HD-ready (that they are capable to display HD content in high resolution, scale it down to own smaller resolution and display).

    Ok, now i know, that the 720p is HD too :) . It’s nice information, because all my films in MKV container are in this resolutions (cropped 720p).

    So HD (High Definition) is 720p+1080i+1080p and Full-HD Is 1080i+1080p

    This discussion making everything clear. Thank you for it :) so much.

    Good display is a must. True HD fans watching his films on big projecting screens in his home cinemas. And this guys enjoy the true quality of Full-HD (or Quad-HD in future, using now any media the quad-HD resolution?).

    The 110cm LCDs are small. Yes you will see the difference between DVD and Full-HD or HD :) on your 15,5″ laptop, 28″ desktop or 32″ home-entertainment LCD, but it will not catch you as the big projecting screen for example in the cinema or in the home-cinema (with projecting screen, not only 32″ LCD).

    Before some time was 110 cm LCDs, for me, the absolute top too, but after this i see some forum with pictures of real home-cinemas with 5-6 m big projecting screens and this was so amazing :) . I need it too :) . Problem is, that i’m usually watching the nature via my six windows which are right behind my monitors, so here isn’t any space for projecting space right now, this need redesign of whole my room.

    Comment by Jaromír Adámek — 26. 8. 2008 @ 17.44

Thanks for a comment :).


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