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Everything made in Czech Republic is fucked!

Posted in: Swamp by Jaromír Adámek on August 26, 2008. Post tags: , , ,

What the hell is this pessimistic czech nature ?

All this comments:

"It will not work."

"You will close your blog after month."

"The design worth piece of shit."

"Idea is completely out."

"Articles are short and without links."

No single one positive word!

Go to the hell morons!

Ask american about some biz. He will answer you "IT WILL WORK , but you must solve this, this and that problem."

Ask stupid czech morons, if something will work, and he will answer you: "IT WILL NOT WORK . Problem Is this, … Don’t waste your time and go to the pub drink some beers.".

Fuck you, Fuck you all morons :( ! I hate this czech nature, that EVERYTHING IS BAD, FUCKED and will not work .

Shit :( .


  1. Pokud potkavate jen pesimisticke chudaky a pak zobecnujete na cely narod, tak by jste se mel nad sebou zamyslet…
    Navic mi prijde, ze jste sam prototyp cloveka, ktereho nemate rad – “stupid czech moron” je podle vas ve vsem spatny, k nicemu. “EVERYTHING IS BAD, FUCKED and will not work” – vlastne kritizujete sam sebe :-) )

    Comment by Fred — 27. 8. 2008 @ 17.49

  2. Right, I’m the big critic too :) . I’m trying to be nice and positive, but sometimes this bad feelings catch me :( … Thanks Fred, for your opinion. This your comment pushed me up.

    Comment by Jaromír Adámek — 27. 8. 2008 @ 17.57

  3. Hi and what about if all posters are right ? Maybe they are not just stupid czech morons but tehy are just honest. OK; change the design (go trough couple of pro webs to see what the desing is or use some predefined template) change domain (biz domain does not make sense at all as you are based in cz nad this is personal blog; i k it was cheap)

    I believe that at least your gramdma’s leavened cake is great :-)

    Comment by Name (required) — 4. 9. 2008 @ 0.41

  4. I changed the design and redesign it. I will make some minor changes later (as is better font).

    What i don’t like is this critic, that “It will not work” :( .

    Tell me, that domain is bad, my customer base is worldwide, the best domain is dot com, not dot cz (i will not change it, on this domain is +-400 of my emails, maybe when i will claim some better). Tell me, that design is too wide (i resized it from 1200 to 990 pixels). But dont’t tell me, that this is will not work…

    I browsed couple of other blog, and i simply don’t like the design. I like this design (only it need more readible font)

    Comment by Jaromír Adámek — 4. 9. 2008 @ 5.18

  5. The Czech attitude is a result of several decades of lies and propaganda. For 40 years, communists were telling us that everything is going great, that the factories are “meeting and exceeding quotas”, that people are satisfied with their standards, that “The Party” is right and righteous and just and for the betterment of mankind…

    And for all those years, people saw that the reality is not as described.

    The American attitude that you so nicely compare ours to is a result of several decades of “When there’s a will, there’s a way” (“Když se chce, tak to jde”), and it somehow stuck in people’s minds even though from time to time it could be seen that for some people, it doesn’t work like that.

    I assume that in a decade or so, our national attitude will change as well, but right now, it’s still very heavily influenced by ENVY (“zavist”), HIPPOCRISY (“pokrytectvi”) and the strange ANTI-COMMUNISTS-SCHISOFRENY (“protikomunisticka schizofrenie”) which most of us exhibit:
    - We Envy those who are more successful or more daring than us; when someone comes with a potentially good idea that might make him successful, we mock him or try to discourage him by saying “it won’t work, give up” or “it’s just bullshit what you are planning to try, give it up”.
    - We are hippocrits: We give bribes, but despise all who give them (and are caught); we violate regulations and laws, but despise all who violate them as well (and are caught), we cheat on our wives and husbands, but mock all who do the same thing (and are caught). Simply put: we do all the things that we mock and laught at and despise on other people.
    - We are schisofrenic in our relationship to communists: while most of us (or most of our parents) had to cooperate with the C.P. (Communist Party) before the Velvet Revolution in order to have a peaceful life, we somehow require everyone not to have ever been a communist today. So, while our parents gave us the chance to get to the univerzity or college or at least to get proper high school education by joining the Party, we suddenly say that everyone who was in the Party before November 89 is a bad person and should never be allowed to be a politician or successful businessman… But still, we are unable to force our politicians to banish Communism once and for all times, nor are we willing to make the necessary “sacrifice” and ALWAYS attend the elections in order to lessen the gain of Communist Party in them.


    On a lighter note, I believe only Czechs are able to use so many profanities and vulgarisms in a blogpost as you show; your american friends would certainly not tell “themselves” to “GFY” as you are saying. And, while I’m at it, I wouldn’t use those words neither, so what? Does that make me a better person than you are?

    Comment by PD — 5. 9. 2008 @ 23.35

  6. PD: problem of the comunism is, that it’s dictature. People can’t change anything! So they all resigned to everything. They resigned to votes (but they must vote in comunism :) ), to work, to be happy.

    So the main motto of all people was (and it’s to this time) “Don’t do anything.” Don’t start business, don’t speculate on stock exchange, don’t be initiative…

    It’s some passive resistance…

    Comment by Jaromír Adámek — 6. 9. 2008 @ 9.09

  7. Your comment (#6) is so incorrect that any further discussion about communism is pointless.

    I suggest you focus on the part of my comment below the “==…==” line.

    Comment by PD — 7. 9. 2008 @ 16.16

  8. Incorrect? I lived in comunism, this is my own experiences and opinion. Why is incorrect this truth?

    I read whole your commment (now again the part under the line :) ), but it’s too long, and your english isn’t good. May you next time shorter your message please. Isn’t good to write so long messages, if your english skill isn’t excelent. Someone will don’t understand your language. Try use simple sentences…

    THX for your comment :) .

    Comment by Jaromír Adámek — 8. 9. 2008 @ 5.43

  9. “problem of the comunism is, that it’s dictature.”

    there you have it. Communism is not necesarily a dictature.

    Also, dictature does not have to be bad for its people; it is quite common that even democracies or republics elct a dictator to lead them during war times, because democracy is very weak and slow in decision-making, which makes it inefficient in troubled times. Of course, there’s a risk that once the “troubled times” are over, the dictator may be reluctant to return control back to “the people”; or, as Star Wards Episodes 2 through 3 show, the dictator may act so that the troubled times don’t officially end.

    The biggest problem with communism as an idea of absolute sharing of resources and “working together to achieve greater future” is that by itself, it does not have any regulatory instruments that would force people to conform, or that would penalize people for not-conforming. Therefore, all countries that tried to “build communism” very soon resorted to violence against the opposition, although such violence did not have any justification in Communism as a principle. It can be observed that Communism is in many ways very similar to Christianity (or, technically, the teachings of Jesus Christ) — share what you have, do not ask, do not hurt other people, do not judge… But where the first Christians suffered under the oppresion of the Roman empire because they remained true to JC’s teachings and “didn’t fight back”, communists quickly labeled their opponents as “enemies of the regime” and started punishing them (locking them in prisons or executing them).

    from a different angle:
    There were and still are countries that do have a “dictator”, or “supreme ruler”. Great Britain has its royal family, with the “heir” to the throne; Monaco has the royal family, Japan has the royal family… But in these monarchies, although there is someone who can dictate how to live to the people, people are not resigned and/or boycotting the society. Also, take “Cuba”, yet another communism country, where people do believe in their “president” and are trying. So not every communist country, nor every country with an untouchable ruler, is doomed.

    And, now look around you in your Czechia: Ask people if they have confidence in their political leaders – the answer will be “No, they are the worst people in this country!” You’d hear the same in Slovakia or Polland, simply because what matters is not the organization of power, but the use or abuse of power. Our politicians abuse their power. Japanese royal family does not.

    Comment by PD — 9. 9. 2008 @ 13.24

  10. We are not in Rome. Our democracy with military is more powerfull and organized better. Isn’t any reason, to give in 2008 all power to military and switch system to the totality.

    “Communism is in many ways very similar to Christianity”
    Yes sure, “only” christians don’t killing people now (in middl ages… :) ).

    Comunism base idea is wrong. Only the system, where everyone trying be the best (democracy, not comunism) and with high auto-regulation market (democracy, not the central plaining in comunism) may work the best.

    Democracy isn’t the best too, for example total taxes in Czceh Republic is over 50% of income, and state giving so many rights to control the people. RFID in passports or ID, wiretapping, some paranoids must be crazy from this. But i don’t know better state system now.

    For me personally is comunism extreme left, and meet with extreme right nazism (political systems are the circle, where extremes meet together), i hate it both, i’m loving freedom.

    Comunist killed hundreds of innocent people in Czech Republic and take to jail and uranic (and similar) labor camp hundred of thousand people only in the small 10M Czech Republic country. Defent comunism is as spiting to all this political murdered people.

    Great Britain is only symbolic monarchy, it’s more democracy, which look little better :) .

    “So not every communist country.”
    Every, from the xx post-soviet countries was obsolete! Czech Republic was the top in 1918 in industry, in 1968 (and it was not by the WWW2) it was totally obsolate (as other comunism countries.

    The base of comunism Russia was destroyed not by military force, but by the power of money and business, and comunism fail.

    Cuba is completely obsolete, did you see the 50 year old cars, which they repairing? And his “industry” and street with old houses. It’s completely stagnation.

    North Korea building atomic weapons and taking own people to Famine.

    Only last tower of comunism Is China, and China isn’t comunism (where people working for other people) it’s pure capitalism, the purest capitalism on the earth without health insurrance or free school covered to the totality colored to the red.

    Comunism fail.

    “Ask people if they have confidence in their political leaders”
    Only the oldest generation, which hate simply everything :) . Young generation know, that they changing politics trhough the election.

    Do you know, what i’m telling if someone only wathich TV (i don’t watch it) and is angy to the politics. I everytime say him to shut-up and stand as a candidate in next vote…

    Everything will be change, and this old czech opinion “everything is fucked, better do nothing” will change too, because everyone see now, that THEY changing they reality, they vote and may change simply everything. Don’t you have money, start some business. Don’t you like todays politics, start your own party, everything is possible… Democracy is great, i’m loving it :) .

    Comment by Jaromír Adámek — 9. 9. 2008 @ 15.30

Thanks for a comment :).


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