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English or Czech language?

Posted in: Swamp by Jaromír Adámek on August 25, 2008. Post tags: , ,

What is better.

a) write this blog in english language , really bad english language, the professionals will laugh on my "nice" formulations, mistakes…, but you will understand me. 99% visitors of the my blog Isn’t from czech country and understand in 99% english language.

b) write blog at almost perfect czech language , so no pro will be smiling at the "kids"/"hun" english formulation, but no one will be understand it. Try read this: "Mám překrásný výhled do krajiny s poletujícími modrými obláčky a sousedem třískajícím kladivem do nějaké zasrané věci, kterou nevidím.". Do you understand? No? :) I know it…


  1. c) Provide quality content so that other experts want to cooperate with you; then, you may easily find someone who will translate your articles to English, while you can concentrate on the accuracy and complexity of the content.

    Comment by Pavel Drotár — 25. 8. 2008 @ 16.37

  2. This is my personal blog. This isn’t professional resource with top quality texts.

    Comment by Jaromír Adámek — 25. 8. 2008 @ 20.23

  3. Hi man, I just check your blog because of discussion on Lupa. I really did want to see if the other colleague comments are right.
    Well they are. Your English is not so good, but you are also right that I and many other people can understand well.
    However it is only because I am Czech. You are forgetting a lot of words so it makes the understanding very difficult.
    If you feel this effort will help you to improve your English skills, do not worry and continue as much as possible…
    But if you need to discuss with anybody in your article comments, maybe some English speaking forum will help you better.
    Good luck in your effort.
    P.S. I bet that you will write about five new articles in next 30 days and maybe one or two more in following 60 days. Then the blog will disappear…

    Comment by buggy — 26. 8. 2008 @ 15.01

  4. “I bet that you will write about five new articles in next 30 days and maybe one or two more in following 60 days. Then the blog will disappear”

    You will lose :) .

    Comment by Jaromír Adámek — 26. 8. 2008 @ 15.14

  5. Hi – visited the Czech republic last week – and at the beginning of the visit, I read the 20th century Czech history and Britain’s shame in handing the Sudetenland to Hitler etc. By the end of my stay I realised that Chamberlain was right – and he should have given the whole trashy place and its moromic people over to Hitler as well – Definitely the Czechs are not worth fighting over. They deserved being whacked by the Nazi and the Soviets. I just hope that Capitalism totally fucks them – I think that the Czech are the low-life of Europe – Total morons who haven’t got a fucking clue. Fuck off Czech Republic.

    Comment by Dominic — 23. 9. 2008 @ 1.04

  6. LOL Dominic, it’s absolute right, the Czech nation is full of morons and cheaters :) .

    Comment by Jaromír Adámek — 23. 9. 2008 @ 7.34

Thanks for a comment :).


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