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Where to propagate your blog or homepage?

Posted in: WWW building by Jaromír Adámek on August 25, 2008. Post tags: , , , , , , , ,

Where are you linking to your blog or homepage?

I googled for terms "blog directory " and sign-up this site to several directories.

I’m inserting to all my outgoing emails in the my signature .

And if I’m commenting in WWWs (if system allowing it) I’m putting my URL to URL line , so everyone may click directly on my nick and go through to this page.

Inserting my URL to my profile in the Internet newspapers and forums .

What I may do more?


  1. A thing that really helps is – and sorry for being Mr. Obvious – provide content. It’s virtually worthless to have a great site that everyone visits, if all you are offering is 1 video, one self-bragging, one piece of crap in the Swamp (won’t even look there, sounds awful from here), and maybe one useful article in the “WWW building” section.

    If there were 20+ articles ready for visits by the time you launch the site, Google might actually index _something_, and might offer that to those who search.


    Comment by Pavel Drotár — 25. 8. 2008 @ 13.13

  2. LOL “Mr. Obious” :) . This blog is “brand new”. I will not wait month to release it. The articles must go out immediately. I will not write 20 articles and push it out after week or month. This isn’t natural. This blog started yesterday. 4 comments in 1 and 1/2 day is more than enough to test the design and start normal work.

    It’s like with your posts on Lupa, something as:”Only professional may write in english language”, now here something like:”Only blog with xx+ articles may start”.

    This isn’t natural :) . Evolving isn’t going up without communicating.

    I will only learn english by using it, and i will test my blog design if i will publish it…

    But THX for all your comments :) . You are the first person on my blog. I’m loving you. And I’m loving your critics too. I’m terrible guy which critic others too much, so don’t worry, this, your critic, will push me up :) .

    THX again.

    Comment by Jaromír Adámek — 25. 8. 2008 @ 14.21

  3. Maybe is time to add “new comments” section :) .

    Comment by Jaromír Adámek — 25. 8. 2008 @ 14.22

  4. Nitpicking:

    “propagate” is a false-friend word, meaning “distribute (self)”. What you had on mind is “how to advertise your blog”

    Comment by Pavel Drotár — 25. 8. 2008 @ 16.28

  5. Advertise isn’t good word too, i will not pay to advertise my blog.

    Comment by Jaromír Adámek — 25. 8. 2008 @ 20.25

  6. Hi !

    I Typed MD5 GENERATOR and , this site was listed first ! Congratz !

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    Comment by gcttirth — 25. 4. 2009 @ 3.21

  7. Just saying hello, hope this was the right section and that I will enjoy it here


    Comment by MikeWijr — 22. 3. 2011 @ 12.30

Thanks for a comment :).


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