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Importance of the air transport.

Posted in: Life by Jaromír Adámek on April 19, 2010. Post tags:

In the last two days, when the volcano on the Island blow up the ton’s of ashes (it disable whole air transport over the EU ) showed me something.

1) peoples are mad, that they can’t travel – this I understand

2) peoples are mad, that they can’t get their not important stuff  (packages, flowers to Holland exchange …) which i NOT understand fully

I simply think, that we do NOT need to send contracts written on paper, newspapers, books via airmail in the age of notebooks, e-ink and e-signature. It’s NOT ecological and economical.

We don’t need too the green bananas (who ever ate the ripe bananas directly from the tree, it must taste completely different), we need LOCAL products!!!

Do we really need to travel 2000 km to simply meeting in the IT age?

This everything is only wasting of money, of the kerosine (on which is NOT 60% tax as on the gasoline in the EU), and it’s wasting of the our relatively clean nature environment!

Sure why not travel once per year to other country to teach new culture, but why the hell we need to send newspapers by air in the IT age :( it’s so obsolete and pure example of wasting?

I don’t regret peoples which can’t travel to the funeral of the Polish president (which is more pure showing of the unequality in the society, it’s like some "hype", more this man forced previous pilot to land in not ok weather), I don’t regret peoples which don’t received his newspapers directly from the New York and printed on obsolete paper. WE DON’T NEED THIS EVERYTHING!!!

None focused on real target, who is in real troubles, the peoples on Island. The country economic crashed, and now they whole agriculture will be under the ash :( . Poor peoples… I hope you will survive it.

BTW I read a good joke :) :


Telegram from the Iceland:

"Forgive us our debts and we will switch-off the volcano."



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