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Czech Republic Tax Office rock :) !

Posted in: Business by Jaromír Adámek on December 22, 2009. Post tags:

My local tax office sent me SMS :) LOL :

Tanslated from the Czech to English language:


Mr. Adamek, call ASAP number xyz according to the your DPH form.

Thank you, yours FU.


BTW FU is "Finanční úřad" the tax financial office, it’s NOT shortcut for the "fuck you" :) LOL.

I called them and the tax officer told me, that I had in several my last forms small mistake in one number, that they everytime repaired it :) , and she asked me nice, if I may do it myself and repaired this number in my future forms :)

LOL I must change opinion to Czech tax offices, they are nice and helping me! More they using SMS too :) . I’m starting to love my tax office :) !

More if law will not change, I will pay them this year big zero, plus they will return me local tax :) DPH, so the money will "flow" to the good direction, to the my pocket :) .


  1. moron …learn english first before using it

    Comment by lol — 30. 12. 2009 @ 17.33

  2. LOL, my learning process including this blog… :) I hope, that this not killed you :) .

    Comment by Jaromír Adámek — 31. 12. 2009 @ 7.22

  3. Come on!!!!
    Your excuse would be acceptable only if you did not use words like LOL, FU, OMG. Firstly, make sure you understand the language itself before making fun of it. Improve the grammar at least.

    Comment by Advice — 12. 6. 2010 @ 9.00

  4. Advice: I did not excused. The “FU” is in the Czech republic shortcut for the “Finanční uřad”, in the english language its tax office.

    Comment by Jaromír Adámek — 13. 6. 2010 @ 10.08

  5. Ha ha ha!
    Cultural clash.
    Ooops. I’m not good storyteller.

    Comment by pterzw — 4. 7. 2010 @ 12.10

Thanks for a comment :).


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