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Dropbox – free data storaging service

Posted in: Business by Jaromír Adámek on March 02, 2011. Post tags:

From the February I’m using Dropbox (online place to store and synchronize files) to store my files. To the February I used the USB flash which i switched between my desktop and two notebooks.

I know Dropbox from the 2008, but I firstly afraid about the security and not used it. But now I’m simply amazed by his synchronization feature, I must NOT now switch my USB flash between computer’s, Dropbox SYNCHRONIZE my data! This is so comfort way.

More Dropbox remembering the changes for all files for last month (in the free version). So when I something screw up, I may go to his web administration and REDONE that my changes. Very very useful :) . I’m backuping each day or once per month and Dropbox remembering EACH change. It’s simply amazing!

Do you wanna get Dropbox too? I collected few tips, how to increase your free space on the Dropbox, so you will save some money… It will help to increase you storage space from the 2GB to the 4-19 GB.

1) sign-up via my referral link (extra 250MB):

2) integrate Dropbox with Facebook, Twitted and get a 5*128MB storage space free:

3) extra free Dropbox space for the users (you will get not 256, but 512 MB per referral and you may claim max plus 16 GB). Sign up you edu email at: If your school is not “on the list” (or you are not from the USA) ask for the adding of your school. The link is down on that page.

4) pass all quests in the “Getting Started” (the first tab in the your Dropbox administration) and you will claim a nice 256MB extra.


Right now Dropbox backuping, synchronising my files and my space rising. Beautiful and very useful service!


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