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The best open-source programs for the web.

Posted in: Software by Jaromír Adámek on August 28, 2010. Post tags:

Now I’m looking for the some web based publication system for the my photos. Before time I used the Gallery. If you know some good, please let me know.

Probably I will use the Gallery again, it’s the open-source (I love it!). I will must only “solve” the SPAMs in comments :( (I will probably throw away all comments with URL, use captcha, or use some other drastic method).
But why I’m writing this post. I realized, that I know several superb open-source (free money rocks :) , source codes availibility, possibility of the own modification, no security holes…) programs for the web, which you may install on the your server:

Suggest me your own programs (only open-source) and tips in the comments please.

Icon map of the top 1 000 000 web pages.

Posted in: Swamp by Jaromír Adámek on August 26, 2010. Post tags:

Nmap took 1M biggest websites on the Internet (based on the Alexa rating) and created from this database the one big image map :) where each site represent one icon :) . The biggest icon mean the biggest traffic to the site (lower Alexa rating).

If more domains using same icon (I’m using on all my domains for example same green smile icon) then it’s merged together.

My icon is 48 x 48 pixels, niiiice :) , I’m not the small one (which are 16 x 16 pixels) haha.


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