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Hip Hop párty No. 1

Posted in: Photo by Jaromír Adámek on July 13, 2010. Post tags:

Hip Hop párty No. 1

CLICK HERE for the all 47 pictures of the Hip Hop párty No. 1

Why I’m writing my blog in CzechEnglish?

Posted in: Life by Jaromír Adámek on July 09, 2010. Post tags:

Several Czech peoples asked me, why I’m writing my blog in the my bad "CzechEnglish" :) .


1) main reason – to learn English . Every time I’m writing something in the English language, I must look to the dictionary. This pushing my English little forward…

2) minor reason – I don’t wanna focus only to the Czech market . On the world is not only 10M peoples.

3) money

I know that my English is bad. If you will write me this "news" to the my comment’s, I will be NOT surprised :) . Usually I’m called as the English hun, or English barbarian :) , for my poor English, but I like to write my blog in the English, so please respect me, and don’t complain only about the language…, I really don’t like it.

More on the world is 6 000 0000 000 peoples, do you really thing, that all people speak English fluently on an excellent level? Sure NOT!!! Goal and mission is to communicate, to understand each other, or at least to try it! Goal is not to speak perfectly or not speak! How you may learn something if you can’t use it.

More this is my personal blog, so c’mon :( , please respect my opinion to write my blog in the not good English language!

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