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Working, in the China, for the 3€ per day.

Posted in: Life by Jaromír Adámek on June 10, 2010. Post tags:

Yesterday was in the TV document Made in China (2008, Great Britain, 57 mins) from the China, where married couple, of the factory workers, worked for the 190€ per month (both together , one 3€ per day include sundays ) 7D per week.

film Made in China

The man told, how happy is he, that he making so much (again 3€ per day) ! He must pay debts from the past. If he worked as the farmer (as he did), he had no chance to pay this debts (so how much making the farmers, if the "rich" factory workers makings 3€ per day?).

His grandfather asked him, if he have at least free sundays. He told, that sure, but, that he working 7D per week to make more money (they saved from their 190€ salary the 100€).

So they worked 2300km from their whole family (their 10 years old son and 8 years old girl). They travelling to the home only at the christmas once per two or three years .

It was sad, more the irony of whole story was, that they worked both only to pay 3000 € debt from the medical treatment in hospital, which must pay the man for the two visit’s of the hospital (his legs was paralysed).

My conclusions:

1) In China is everything 10* cheaper , especially food, cost of the human power, so this is the reason why is now almost everything made in the China . They making for us all this consumer goods.

2) I’m so happy, that in the my country working good the medical insurance . After two months I’m going to the magnetic resonance, and I will pay big zero, the 0 €. Everything is covered by my basic insurance, which cost me only 1601 CZK (61,81 €) per month.

3) China is the pure example, that if the right-wing and the left-wing sides going to far, that they will "shake their hands".

4) I’m sure living in the top 5% of the world, this peoples making 7D per day, eaiting only noodles with egg showed me, how work and life may be tough . In comparison with this is my stocks speculation, making rock photos and advertising on web pure fun :) .

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