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I voted for the TOP09.

Posted in: Swamp by Jaromír Adámek on May 29, 2010. Post tags:

I voted for the TOP09 party, in yesterday’s 2010 Czech Republic parliament’s votes.

top09 logo

On the ballot I checked the four persons (Martin Špetla, Jaroslav Heryán, Tomáš Stejskal and Andrea Doležalová). I’m focusing to the age 30-50 (not too young to "eat bullshits" from the older ones, have own opinions…, and not too old to wanna change something). Second thing in my focus are the good professions. I’m not voting anyone from the government sector’s, this peoples are by the definition little out of the commercial reality. I’m voting every-time for the self-employers, company directors, peoples making anything with money or similar useful professions.

I hope, that they will:

1) lower the deficit of the Czech republic budget to the zero and start paying debt – I wanna pay this my country debt myself, I don’t wanna my currently non-born kids to pay it in the future!

2) this will allow to change our currency from the Czech Korunas to the Euro – It’s very important for me. Almost whole my income is from the outside of the my country and bank’s exchange conversions fees, accounting problems with conversions fees plus fluctuating of the exchange rates (it’s hard to set price for the far away times) makes me not happy and focusing me not on the business…

3) transform the system of the retirement insurance/savings – more investing to the stocks for the current customers (now state allow max to 15%, which is good only for the >85 years old peoples). Sure I’m not using it, now I’m fully invested in the stocks, so this isn’t important for me personally, but I wanna only the best for the other peoples in the my country, which don’t know why is the interest rate so important especially in the 25-40 years time period savings (they are more important than the initial deposit!).

The program of the TOP09 is NOT, what I wrote right now (they wanna do only the 1) ), I wrote what is the best for me, but TO09 is the right wing side, so they fit the best my wishes.

We will see in the 2014, what they did :) .

Haha, what you will do for a good shot :) ?

Posted in: Photo by Jaromír Adámek on May 28, 2010. Post tags:

Haha, I found soume great photos of the photographers:

Photographers are funny (52 pics)

What you will do for the best shot?

I will do almost everything :) !

Sometimes I’m on the ground, sometimes I’m flying, and sometimes flying cup with beer squishing directly to my head and my equipment, or I’m going to the “boiler” place between metal band and they jumping funs, only to make my good photo in the best 60ms time-frame in which the singer expression going perfectly to the light :) .

9 Example pics from the:

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