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Doga rock band concert.

Posted in: Photo by Jaromír Adámek on December 31, 2009. Post tags:

Click here for all 39 pictures of Doga band.

Czech Republic Tax Office rock :) !

Posted in: Business by Jaromír Adámek on December 22, 2009. Post tags:

My local tax office sent me SMS :) LOL :

Tanslated from the Czech to English language:


Mr. Adamek, call ASAP number xyz according to the your DPH form.

Thank you, yours FU.


BTW FU is "Finanční úřad" the tax financial office, it’s NOT shortcut for the "fuck you" :) LOL.

I called them and the tax officer told me, that I had in several my last forms small mistake in one number, that they everytime repaired it :) , and she asked me nice, if I may do it myself and repaired this number in my future forms :)

LOL I must change opinion to Czech tax offices, they are nice and helping me! More they using SMS too :) . I’m starting to love my tax office :) !

More if law will not change, I will pay them this year big zero, plus they will return me local tax :) DPH, so the money will "flow" to the good direction, to the my pocket :) .

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