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Dice Choosed the Best Stock.

Posted in: Investment by Jaromír Adámek on May 06, 2009. Post tags: ,

Today I will start invest again. I choosed to invest half of the my last month income.

But I like do it the fun :) way, to have good feel from it. I need to feel good, because if I feel good, I’m making more money in my business… And more money is good :) .

What I did?

I analyzed Czech Republic stock market and choosed stocks according to this criterions:

1) Company must be from the Czech Republic (pure SPAD stock, no UNIVIC)

Pure SPAD stocks:

ČEZ a.s.

Unipetrol a.s.

Telefonica O2 CR

Komerční Banka a.s.

Philip Morris ČR a.s.

+ one my "wild horse" PEGAS NONWOVENS SA

2) Put out company, which I don’t like as the human:

Philip Morris ČR a.s. – cigarettes :(

Komerční Banka a.s. – bank. I don’t trust any bank, every bank leverage is +- 50:1, this is crazy…

3) I putted out stocks from the market, which I don’t understand

Unipetrol a.s. – coal company. I don’t understand precisely price relationships between oil and coal. Oil price are determined each day on the commodity stock exchange mainly in USA. I don’t monitoring it, don’t understand it right now, so I will don’t invest to this company…

4) I did technical analysis (Moving Average) and fundamental analysis (P/E, annual turnover)

ČEZ a.s. – good P/E, good dividends, strong uptrend

Telefonica O2 CR – good P/E, excellent dividends, strong uptrend

PEGAS NONWOVENS SA – excellent P/E, very strong uptrend (probably small downtrend correction)

5) And what is the funny part? Dice choosed the right stock :) .

This Is random part, which will choose randomly (today and in my next regular investments) to which excellent stocks I will invest. Chance is fun. I may choosed, that I will invest to the first company first month, second second… but this isn’t fun and isn’t good, because I will do steps 1-4 each month again, and next month i may have 2 companies, and other month, I may have 5 companies… So I choosed, that random choice will be the best one…

I sorted stock according to the annual turnover.

1- ČEZ a.s.

2 – Telefonica O2 CR


4 – 6 I will repeat throw

How it end :) ?

Dice choosed 2. I will invest today after 75 minutes to O2 :) .

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