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Bystřický zlot 2009 – picture gallery

Posted in: Photo by Jaromír Adámek on May 15, 2009. Post tags: , ,

Yesterday, the 15. 5. 2009 was in Bystřice (near Ostrava in the EU-Czech Republic) other ZLOT festival. Bands: Fantasia was absolute beauty, nice relaxing band, they was perfect for the start of the Zlot madness :) . The main singer smile as the sunshine, and the “real” sunshine made good atmoshphere too, absolutely ideal combination for the open-air festival with the good-beer and music. The sun is the “must”! As the other band rocked the Ewa Farna , which loved every kid (and not only them ;) ), she was very cute. Her cat clothes was superb :) ! Real hard-rock party began with the Citron band full of “rock daddies”, which showed us the classic old-style rock. Very nice, I wanna rock as them in the my 60 too! The day ended polish band TSA, main singer look like on steroids :) , he run from the one side of the stage to the other, very beautiful, I loved it :) . The bass-guitarist look like some vampire (maybe he created the gothic-metal :) ) look to the pictures, she was the classic one, and the second guitarist with drummer was the absolute classic rockers, they showed me, how may real rock look like. Bystřický Zlot was very beautiful , I loved him so much! Jaromír Adámek 2009


Ewa Farna:


TSA: – FULL GALLERY all top 68 pictures

When enter to the market – the timing of buy command.

Posted in: Investment by Jaromír Adámek on May 14, 2009. Post tags: , ,

Situation: you have money, you know which stock you wanna buy, and you wanna buy IT RIGHT NOW :) ! So you waiting for first second of the opened market and you buying, you don’t wanna miss single second of the opened market :) . THIS IS WRONG!!!

Why? In first few minutes market fluctuating hard, it’s very VERY volatile!!! When is market opened, all news from the time period, when was market closes must right now adjust the price, so the price going up and down hard.

If you investing, like me right now, your long-term money, you wanna some good day price, you don’t wanna buy at the "crazy" high peak of the day :( .

My solution? I ignored first 10 minutes, when is the market almost unpredictable and VERY volatile, and I ignored next 20 minutes after it too… For example, If market opened at 9:00, i bought at the 9:30.

But look at this graph (FIO broker, BAACEZ stock, two days 13. and 14. 5. 2009):

Red arrows pointing to the 10:00 hour, when market stop fluctuating hard.

The market ISN’T very volatile only in first 10 minutes, it’s volatile in WHOLE FIRST HOUR!

Next time, I will not ignore only first 30 minutes, but whole first hour! This is my conclusion for the good timing to enter the volatile market.

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