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The safest way, how to speculate.

Posted in: Speculation,Swamp by Jaromír Adámek on October 16, 2008. Post tags: , , , ,

It’s irony, that the safest way, how you may make some money is the intra-day trading (you not holding any opened position when is market closed).

Why :) ? Because you watching price, when you are in the market, very carefully , and if something will happen you ejecting the market in the speed of light :) . Problem is, that If stock going up, it’s in small steps, but if stock going down, it’s so quick :( .

(image from the FIO broker)

In the Czech market every big falls are in the first 5-10 minutes!!! It’s the fucking ride, where you losing a bunch of money! Isn’t worster situation, when you watching graph, which going 8% down in 5 minutes and YOU CAN’T SELL (small liquidity, or it’s simply too quick). So be in the long position holded in days is real “pleasure”.  What will do price in next morning… who know, you may pray to take price up.

When you will be the noob, your idea will be to find good stock, buy it and hold it for weeks or months. What a mistake!

All the “professionals” in the TV, newspapers talking about :) :

This is the direct way to the hell !

The safest way, how to speculate and make some money in the market, is to find good broker (quick command execution, low spread, low commission), good market with high liquidity and trade it intra-daily . For example buy when price going up, and sell after only 20 minutes with small profit. This is the real safe way .

If you will not trade intra-daily, you may receive some nice two “punches” as is -15% and -25% and whole your property will be gone!

Stop-Loss command may save your ass too, but if is liquidity on the market too low and market fluctuate heavy, you can’t use it… It’s seriously big risk to not use Stop-Loss command, you must watch market myself and reject manually (and it may be too late…).

CZK currency going up and stocks going down, super :) !

Posted in: Investment by Jaromír Adámek on . Post tags: , , ,

CZK currency going up from the 14,5 CZK / 1 USD to +-18 CZK / 1 USD, so my adult business revenue generate me more money :) . It’s very, very nice :) !

And stocks price going down , super :) !!! So the P/E ratio (price per earnings) going down too. Before few months was P/E (It’s how quickly, in years, each stock return it’s value to the buyer) was for example 12 (return money in 12 years to you), today It’s BINGOoo!!! for example 7 years.

Wohhooo :) , I’m loving this "crash". Can’t be better (without irony) :) !

Yes, go baby, go!

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