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Posted in: Investment by Jaromír Adámek on September 25, 2008. Post tags: , , , , , , , ,

Graph (FIO broker) is from big SPAD (EU – Czech Republic) market. My orders was placed on the small RMS market, where the price fluctuate heavy +-5 CZK around SPAD . At RMS I usually buy better :) than on the SPAD market, but I must sell quicker, when the price go up at the SPAD. If the price start falling down at the SPAD the RMS accepting only very low price :( .


Firstly I draw red line under minimums and green line at the expected profit .

The minimum for 24. 9. 2008 was from  596 to +-597, the price go down to 593, i place order and bought at 591,3 :) .

(click to enlarge)


Now I must little wait and look market very carefully, if it will go down i will sell! This is the most difficult part :( !!! I must be strong, and if market not return to usual limits, it’s regular breakout and price will FALL DOWN HEAVY!

Market go up for whole day, with large correction in 15-16 hours (as everyday…, everyone ending in this hour his positions).

Today 25. 9. 2008 I watch the USA market (USA storing lot of money in the CR market…), which fall down to -0.27% (NASDAQ 0%), so i can’t expect any large push up in price! At the 11 hours I meet my internal goal of +-400 (410 wasn’t realistic according to the USA results), so i placed sell order at the nice 399,7 and wait. If someone will buy it, or the price will go up (if go up, i will cancel the order and wait). Someone buy my stocks at the 401 and i realized nice profit :) .

(click to enlarge)

So this is way, how I’m today make some money

What is inside Matroska video container?

Posted in: Audio and video by Jaromír Adámek on . Post tags: , , ,

MKV Matroska video container is like bank :) . It working so well, but what is inside?

I did some research, with focus on my own HD content in the MKV files.




Subtitle is usually inside the MKV file (this was news for me too, firstly I’m looking only for audio and video inside the MKV, and what i find, that i don’t need search subtitles on web, firstly i must look deeply inside the MKV container, if subtitle isn’t inside it), but if someone forget margin it inside, you will find .IDX or .SUB file together with the Matroska file.


One of the best free tool to display detailed audio and video specification (not only of the .MKV file) is MediaInfo . It working nice and accurate. It’s easy to right-click on any video file, and take instantly all this detailed information about bitrates, resolutions,…


And finally the good player is VLC . Try new VLC betas with tons of new features. And don’t forget to set S/PDIF to your audio receiver (if your receiver support direct digital stream), the audio quality will be the top one.

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